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Farewell Practice with classmate, Ziyu Guo, August 2021
(L to R) Issac Lee; Jake Leonen;  Ziyu Guo; Shioda Masami, US Marobashikai Shihan and Chairman; Vernon Church, US Marobashikai Shihan Dai and Vice Chairman
Marobashikai 50th Anniversary Celebration in Takasaki, Japan, September 2018
(L to R) Vernon Church, US Marobashikai Vice Chairman; Watanabe Tadahisa, Shinkageryu Hyoho, 23rd generation Grandmaster; Watanabe Tadashige, Shinkageryu Hyoho, 22nd generation Grandmaster; Kamiizumi Takayo, descendant of Kamiizumi, Nobutsuna; Jake Leonen, US Marobashikai.
2016 New Year's Celebration and Exhibition
2015 New Year's Celebration and Exhibition
Grandmaster Watanabe demonstrates a kata in Tokyo, Japan, 2014.
Photo by Yuji Miyoshi
2014 New Year's Celebration and Exhibition
Birthday Celebration in Honor of Shihan Shioda, October 2013
Grand Master Watanabe visits New York Marobashikai, Fall 2012

Shinkaeryu Grandmaster, New York
Grandmaster Watanabe visit to NYC, 2012
Grandmaster Watanabe, shinkageryu NYC
Grandmaster Watanabe teaches a student, NYC 2012
Shinkageryu sword school, grandmaster watanabe, samurai sword studies
Grandmaster Watanabe lectures during NYC visit 2012
minature sowrd, Chris Garner Jewelry
Grandmaster Watanabe receives a handmade miniature sword
Samurai cake, Sugarsnap cakes, NYC,
Saumrai helmet cake by Anja Riebensahm, in honor of Grandmaster Watanabe's visit
New York Marobashikai participates in "Tea and the Samurai "lecture at The Japan Society, October 2009.
shinkageryu, samurai, NYC
Shihan Shioda lectures at The Japan Society, Oct. 2009
shinkageryu kenjutsu, NYC
Marobashikai Students demonstrate at The Japan Society, Oct 2009

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